We are excited to bring the art of ‘thinking & doing’ to life with the launch of Makerspace.

A collaborative new way of working, Makerspace is designed to extend prototyping from products from all kinds of creative ideas, born from all corners of the agency.

With Adlanders no stranger to creative ideas being spoken about at length before any tangible product emerges, Makerspace will allow us to bring these ideas to life, in real time - leveraging the prominent maker culture which has emerged and flourished across the globe.

Grown from the desire to ‘think & do simultaneously’, Makerspace will provide the opportunity for ideas to be brought to life through products, content, experiences, films and apps – and furthermore tested and given feedback on, in house early in the creative process. With the relationship between making and creating at the helm of Makerspace, clients will be given the opportunity to capitalize on culturally relevant ideas with minimal downtime.

“Makerspace is about bringing a team of people together who can pilot and improve ideas in a constant feedback loop. Its about more making, less talking. We prototyped the service with several clients and I am delighted to say we are already working on live projects” says Annette King, Group CEO at Ogilvy & Mather Group UK.

From Foodbloogers that communicate via Social Media, to influencers with an audience that spans into the millions, to self-taught coders and world leading brands such as Red Bull that have evolved to become content producers and platform owners in their own right – Makerspace will be home to a highly diverse working community of expert doers built to deliver a product to clients faster, and with greater data measurement.

Shaped to exist in unison with data, the team in Makerspace will utilize tools such as Google analytics, social listening and behavioural science to measure the performance of an idea – an offering Ogilvy believes is needed to make the next version of the idea, a stronger, sharper version than the one before in an increasingly data driven market.

Emma De La Fosse, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather Group UK, commented “some might argue that we’ve always made stuff. But this kind of making is different from how we made things before.  We used to perfect an idea before we made it.  The new world we live in won’t wait for us to spend months and months getting something out. Today perfection is an iterative process.  We learn through making, through putting a fledgling idea into market and seeing what happens.  We allow space for the public to influence our design and our thinking.”

The Makerspace team will consist of people from across Ogilvy with a skillset that spans strategic makers, creative technologists, social media and PR experts, digital media planners and data analysts.

With a focus on agility and diversity the blended team has been built to exist in a flat structure, encouraged by the ethos that an idea can span from anyone, and herald the need to be placed within the market whilst requiring minimal turnaround time. 

This news was first published in Campaign