Last week’s referendum vote to leave the EU has sent shock waves up and down the country. As we face such uncertainty, Ogilvy Public Relations is helping businesses big and small to navigate this rapidly evolving environment, enabling them to respond to the issues that are pertinent to their continued business success.

There are a number of services Ogilvy Public Relations can offer:

Issues mapping and scenario planning:
With such fundamental and uncertain changes to UK legislation ahead, our team of experts can help organisations understand potential impacts of Brexit negotiations on their business and advise on how best to protect their business interests. This bespoke one day workshop will equip businesses with the tools they need to influence the agenda as the government negotiates the Brexit settlement.

Narrative development and strategic messaging:
As we enter a new, uncertain reality, businesses need to adapt how they communicate their overall business vision and corporate position to all stakeholders. Ogilvy PR’s experts can help build a strategic narrative that clearly articulates how a business will navigate this new landscape, crafting robust messaging that will ensure confidence across all audience groups. 

Employee engagement:
The referendum has exposed a divided country with a myriad of opinions and views. Our employee engagement experts can help businesses respond their employees’ anxieties, questions and concerns at this challenging time, boosting morale and help employees become ambassadors for your future vision. 

Executive preparedness and media training
The rapidly evolving business environment means executives need to be prepared to go on-the-record to defend their corporate reputation at a moment’s notice. Our media training experts made up from former journalists and broadcasters can help senior business leaders prepare and engage with media so they can confidently continue to drive their broader business narrative, without fear of being caught off guard by the Brexit debate.

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