Our unique mix of talent has been a driving force behind a broad range of networks. They are now firmly part of our DNA and culture at Ogilvy. Ogilvy UK’s networks are: 

Ogilvy Roots

Created to champion greater cultural and ethnic diversity in the industry, our agency and our work.

Since its inception at Ogilvy UK in 2017, Roots has been informing Talent Management strategies and real client briefs. It’s also beginning its expansion across WPP, to foster greater connectivity and collaboration

Driven by a desire to better inform our approach to ethnicity, race, culture and religion within our industry, Roots aims to inspire and support both talent and clients. Ogilvy Roots performs this through open, honest discussion, project-led action, and builds a hub to offer a greater spectrum of cultural insights. The team have won client work for brands such as the MOBOs and World Afro Day.

“Roots truly represents Ogilvy’s passion for and commitment to cultural and ethnic diversity across all levels of the business. This is shown by our growth – starting as a small handful of people in 2017 and growing, not just to a large network within Ogilvy, but last year also expanding to WPP. I’m proud to have seen Ogilvy’s drive for diversity explode across the WPP network with WPP Roots, Mindshare Roots, Wavemaker Roots and more coming this year as we continue to strive for diversity.”

- Jai Kotecha, Head of Social & Content at Ogilvy UK and Ogilvy Roots Executive Sponsor

Ogilvy Pride

A fully-fledged LGBTQ+ marketing consultancy and network housed within Ogilvy.

An LGBTQ+ focused division of our agency, Ogilvy Pride provides resources for Ogilvy’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees while also helping clients identify and pitch to LGBTQ+ audiences. Ogilvy Pride has consulted on London’s Pride event and celebrated Pride 2018 by lighting up Sea Containers in Pride colours, in partnership with Wavemaker. This was a symbol of support for the Pride community within Ogilvy’s own networks and the wider London community.

The network also supports LGBTQ+ charity sponsorships and partnerships, maximises the communication of employer diversity credentials and provides training to Ogilvy’s people in London

“Studies in the UK and elsewhere have shown that productivity can decrease by up to 30% when employees don’t feel comfortable being open, honest, and authentic with their colleagues, instead spending time constructing lies about their personal lives to hide their sexual orientation. Ogilvy’s proactive diversity and inclusion policies and the Ogilvy Pride network is central to attracting and supporting LGBTQ+ talent to perform at their best. This allows us to make brands matter by reflecting our diverse UK society in great brand campaigns.”

- Marion McDonald, Global Practice Lead, Health & Wellness at Ogilvy and Head of Ogilvy Pride

Women of Ogilvy

Providing networking resources and support to women throughout our agency at all levels.

Women of Ogilvy provides multiple networking resources and support to women throughout our agency, from speed mentoring to fascinating and inspiring speakers, to working with other groups such as Bloom and WACL. “You can’t be what you can’t see,” is the cornerstone of how we think at Women of Ogilvy. So highlighting female talent at every level and in every capability is vitally important.

This year we saw membership grow to over 100 of our people. Highlights have included a large-scale social campaign around International Women’s Day 2018, which involved Ogilvy UK, and other WPP agencies based at our office at Sea Containers in London. Women of Ogilvy also hosted a sold-out ‘Breaking Boundaries’ breakfast to talk about how leadership in sport can translate to business. High profile speakers included journalist and activist Anna Kessel and England cricketer Isa Guha.

“Across our industry, diversity has become the number one agenda item. If you’ve got a homogenous group of people who all think alike you are never going to crack our clients’ challenges. So we celebrate people with different perspectives, different experiences and different opinions. I am so proud of what we are doing at Ogilvy in supporting all of our people to achieve their maximum potential, for themselves and for the success for our clients’ businesses. And I am super proud of Women of Ogilvy and its continued celebration and growth in our incredible female talent.”

- Nina Jasinski, Chief Marketing Officer at Ogilvy UK and Women of Ogilvy Executive Sponsor

Parents of Ogilvy

Dedicated to supporting our people on their journey as parents through networking and educational events.

We know that once employees start a family, many factors in their lives change. Parents of Ogilvy is dedicated to supporting current and expectant parents, whether through flexible working arrangements, networking opportunities or events. Covering issues including children’s mental health, nutrition, healthy play, raising resilient children and more, Parents of Ogilvy has welcomed a range of speakers and coaches into our building. These have included chief executive of The Parent Coaching Academy, Lorraine Thomas; author of ‘The Three Day Nanny’, Kathryn Mewes; author of ‘The Good Toy Guide’, Amanda Gummer; and Nutritional Therapist and Chef, Jacqui Mayes.

Parents of Ogilvy also hosts networking events which offer an informal opportunity for parents to meet as a group and share their advice and experience. In addition, all parents have access to three free one-to-one coaching sessions, which is an invaluable resource to ensure that we are supporting parents as individuals.

“Parents of Ogilvy exists to provide support to parents as they balance their commitment to a growing family with building a successful career at Ogilvy. It is by initiatives such as this that Ogilvy develops the flexible and inclusive working practices that enable us to retain a wide pool of talented people.”

- Gemma Davies, Head of Talent Management at Ogilvy UK and Head of Parents of Ogilvy