Ogilvy Consulting's Behavioural Change Practice has launched a new campaign, ‘One Bin is Rubbish’, to help encourage Londoners to recycle in their homes and change behaviours and perceptions around the ease of recycling their domestic waste. The campaign is primarily targeted at 18-34 year olds.

Despite recycling increasingly becoming a part of daily life, overall progress has stagnated. The Mayor has set out an ambition for London to achieve 65% recycling by 2030 – and although household recycling is only one contributory factor in the city’s overall recycling picture, the current household recycling rate is only 32% and therefore isn’t making the contribution it could. Based on research that Recycle for London commissioned recently, over a third of Londoners say they would recycle more if they had more than one bin at home.

What the campaign intends to do is encourage people to put in place the best recycling set-up for their own home, something that suits their lifestyle and living space. There are plenty of simple, low cost solutions or ‘bin-hacks’ that can be equally as effective and involve re-using everyday items such as bags for life, cardboard boxes or paper bags. The ‘One Bin is Rubbish’ campaign is encouraging people to share their favourite bin-hacks so that every household can find the recycling storage solution that is right for them.

Ogilvy Consulting's Behavioural Science Practice first won this brief from Resource London, a partnership between WRAP and the London Waste and Recycling Board. Ogilvy will support a three-year London campaign to encourage more 18-34 year olds to recycle. The work will run in November across OOH, print and digital, including being featured in Time Out and across London’s iconic red buses.