Nine new Apprentices have joined Ogilvy's Apprenticeship scheme

Last week, Ogilvy UK welcomed its second cohort of apprentices to join the bespoke two year scheme, giving apprentices the chance to get hands-on experience across the agency.

Ogilvy is committed to increasing the diversity of its teams, with blind applications for the scheme accepted via the Ogilvy Careers website, and with no requirement for applicants to have a degree. Six of this year’s seven apprentices will be joining straight from school or college.

Along with their other entry level job hiring, the agency is committed to hiring apprentices from diverse backgrounds where possible. They have shown a year on year increase in the diversity of their apprentices. From their first cohort in 2018, all 8 have been (or will be) hired into perm or FTC jobs by October 2020. They have also increased diversity from 2018 from 50% non-graduates and 40% BAME to 75% non-graduate and 45% BAME for our 2020 cohort. With the ambition of achieving 50% or more BAME apprentices in 2021.

Gavin Sutton who is Head of Learning & Development at Ogilvy said,

“For too long apprenticeships have been considered the entry route into more traditional trades, but we believe the media and creative industries could benefit hugely from this approach.

“It opens the door to a bigger and often more diverse set of applicants and allows an organisation to train the next generation of talent across all disciplines. The advertising industry is screaming for new diverse talent, so hiring processes need to change and our apprenticeship scheme allows us to do that.”

With a gateway into the Industry looking more challenging than ever before, Ogilvy sees it as vital that the work doesn’t end after the apprenticeship is over and the goal is to move into a permanent role at the company. All of the 2018 apprentices were hired into full time permanent roles.

18-year-old North West London based Anisa Gani, is one of the apprentices joining Ogilvy’s project management team in September. After an up and down exam experience over the summer, she is looking forward to starting her career journey. She said,

“As a young creative I’m thrilled to get on the career ladder via an apprenticeship. Learning in this way suits me best, and I think it is great that agencies such as Ogilvy are offering such schemes. It makes sure that you don’t disregard people who are creative and hardworking, just because they don’t have a degree. In an industry such as advertising, I think experience is so valuable and a degree doesn’t always define your ability. This isn’t to say they aren’t valuable! But it’s good to have a variety of ways to enter a profession, especially if university it not for you.”