By Matt Holt, Consulting Partner at OgilvyOne:

Last week, OgilvyOne Business we had a #B2Bchat on Twitter talking about Digital Transformation. There were some great questions, prompting a range of answers and healthy debate. Thanks to all for getting involved!

If you didn’t catch it, here is a quick summary of the main points they covered:

Digital transformation is a confused term and has multiple definitions. However, everyone agreed that it’s about enablement and customer-centricity, to ensure organisations thrive in the digital world. Really we’re talking about business transformation geared at being customer-centric.

Vehement nodding of heads that digital is not a channel but a behaviour. We have even entered a ‘post-digital’ world (I love this) because digital is everything now.

Transformation must include all levers of change – including people, process, culture, data and technology. People are the core enabler!

Bravery is essential – like any change project, digital transformation is not easy.

At the start of a digital transformation project ensure you have buy-in from the top, agree a digital transformation vision (where are we trying to get to and why and how we do we get there?), and create ‘change artefacts’ – be these prototypes, ways of working, project ‘war rooms’ – that are tangible and inspire change across the business.

Lots of agreement that conflicting visions is the root cause when digital transformation doesn’t transform much at all.

Digital transformation is NEVER finished, given sophisticated customer behaviour, media proliferation and ever advancing technology – it’s not a one-off project.

In terms of prioritising digital transformation initiatives, a good way to do this is to create a roadmap and then plot them against effort versus impact (high impact, low effort initiatives being the priority).

Digital transformation KPIs are inputs (e.g. internal efficiency) and outputs (e.g. NPS and bottom line) and measurement needs to be ongoing.

Case studies on digital transformation should be perpetual and never finished – given the continuous nature of digital transformation.

Catch up on the conversation @OgilvyOneB2B #B2Bchat and keep your eyes peeled for the next one.

Matt Holt is a Consulting Partner at OgilvyOne and runs the digital consulting practice. Get in touch on Twitter @mattsocial