WPP Team Red (O&M London and Wavemaker) and Vodafone debut a fully integrated campaign marking the launch of V by Vodafone. A new category in the market, Vodafone is bringing this exciting range of smart devices to life across TV, digital and social. The V by Vodafone product range currently includes car, pet and bag trackers and a 4G camera.

The latest spot sees Martin Freeman’s character flung into the world of a spy action thriller. Standing unassumingly on an escalator with his backpack in situ, Freeman finds himself in the midst of a chase, eventually hiding out in the depths of a cupboard. As the couple pursuing Martin catch up with him, he discovers his “adversaries” are using the V-Bag tracking device to keep tabs on the backpack. This reveals that there has been a humourous case of mistaken bag identity.

The campaign is the first installment for 2018 of Martin Freeman’s character’s adventures showing how Vodafone is helping its customers connect and make the most of technology. 2017 saw him bring to life the freedom to roam, the benefits of indoor coverage, and how connectivity can lead to a fairytale ending in ‘A Christmas Love Story’.  With this latest campaign, Freeman’s adventure shows how everyone can have peace of mind through tracking the belongings they value most.

The integrated campaign will feature ATL, social and digital executions across the whole V by Vodfone range including: V-Bag, V-Auto, V-Pet and V-Camera. The main TV spot is complemented by two short social executions available to view on the Vodafone UK YouTube channel and product-specific digital creatives which will use camouflage in everyday environments.