Vodafone & WPP Team Red (O&M London & MEC) have released a fresh take on a festive romance with ‘A Christmas Love Story’ and the return of Martin Freeman to a new series of short films featuring across TV, digital & social platforms.

In this feel-good campaign, Freeman embarks on a seasonal adventure after meeting a mysterious woman on the train. What follows is a journey played out seamlessly across TV and social media, that sees an entertaining line-up of attempts on Freeman’s behalf to ensure their meeting is all but fleeting – a process made seemingly more possible by Vodafone.

The series of short films is the latest installment of Martin Freeman’s adventures to showcase the breadth of Vodafone products and services on offer, from the freedom to roam in ‘Mr. Interruption’, to the benefits of indoor coverage that sought shelter from harm in ‘The Chase’.

The tale unfolds with Martin Freeman waiting for a train at the platform on a wintry evening, when he catches the eye of a woman sitting next to him watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. What unravels is charming & humorous montage of events, each shown in its own film, which showcase a blossoming long distance romance. From the first call between them, to Freeman’s family discovering this newfound crush & taking it upon themselves to investigate further, to the doubt that creeps in over any possible future between the two, and finally a reunion fitting for any great love story…

Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer, O&M London commented on the work saying: “We're really excited about the way that technology has changed the way we do everything these days, including how it has changes the nature of human connections, and even falling in love. So there’s no better tale to tell at Christmas than a good old fashioned love story enabled by, and through, technology.”


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