Ogilvy & Mather London and Amnesty International are creating support for a global solution to the urgent refugee crisis with a social media campaign enabling refugees to respond in real time to tweets.

Twitter users voicing their outrage at the on-going refugee crisis have been receiving unexpected video messages in response: real-time personal replies from refugees themselves in camps in Lebanon and Kenya, urging them to #TakeAction.

Amnesty International are monitoring tens of thousands of public tweets from around the world talking about the refugee crisis this week.

Teams on the ground in refugee camps are working with the camps’ inhabitants and renowned photo agency Magnum to record and post individual video messages in response to the selected tweets.

Every real-time reply highlights that each refugee is an ordinary person forced into an extraordinary situation. Residents of the camps that Amnesty International are visiting live without basic amenities such as proper shelter, education, and health care.

The messages thank the tweeter for their show of support from all over the world but remind them that outrage is not enough – calling on the tweeter to #TakeAction and sign a global petition hosted at http://amn.st/60028rT6K.

This petition will be presented to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, previously UN High Commissioner for Refugees, on 6 February, calling on the UN and governments around the world to act together to tackle the global refugee crisis.

The campaign launched just days after President Donald Trump signed an executive order effectively prevent refugees from seeking resettlement in the USA, blocking people fleeing war and persecution from war-torn countries such as Syria from seeking safe haven in the country.

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