By Yolanta Boti, Creative Intern at The Pipe


In my experience risk always leads to more knowledge, more understanding and more bravery. Advertising was a risk for me, I am someone who comes from a performing background, the stage was the only place I knew where to take a risk but I used an alter ego, when I joined ‘The Pipe’ I had to take a risk as myself.

‘The Pipe’ in the same way was a risk, with no need for qualifications, experience or age limit, it looked risk in the eye in hopes to find a diverse group of people who would bring a new perspective to advertising, a perspective that could inspire new concepts, campaigns and ideologies.

Out of one thousand applicants only two hundred and fifty got to battle it out for an interview. The battle ground was Instagram; the task, sell a s**t car. The fifty that dominated had a grueling speed date style interview with twelve Ogilvy creatives, four minutes on the clock and an incredible opportunity that could slip away with the wrong answer.

The chosen fourteen came from different walks of life. We are a collective of Artists, Designers, Writers, Singers, Dancers, Actors, Poets, Film Makers, Entrepreneurs and even a Forensic Scientist.

With a dynamic group like this we were unleashed into Ogilvy, letting our creativity pour over each brief, we began to transform the agency. We gave each task our best effort, sometimes staying at the office until the early hours to meet deadlines. At times tears flowed, but we were there to hold each other up. Our determination to do great work was the main priority.

In six months we won four pitches, hosted the best karaoke nights, wrote and recorded a jingle in two hours, starred in Dove social campaigns, coaxed the CEO into the mannequin challenge, drove to Norfolk in a minibus, travelled to Paris and back, sung in the choir, taught street-dance classes and failed to sell a seriously rubbish car.

With great risks comes great reward. The pipe was definitely a risk, one worth taking, one that has definitely proved that having more diversity in advertising leads to great work.

Meet the Chosen ones, those who must not be named ⚡


Papa – 28 years old

Aspiring Director

“I’ve learnt a lot about what I want and what’s important in life”

Sebastinella – 23 years old

Designer turned Art Director

“I wasn't quite satisfied, but finally I am. From Paris to client pitches, 4am finishes and inspiring people; I've finally found a job that holds my attention span and doesn't feel like work. Plus, I've learnt a lot about myself.”

James – 23 years old

Artist turned Art Director

“Advertising’s one of those great things that you both love and hate. I think I hate it less now”

Amie – 27 years old

Forensic Investigator turned Art Director

“It’s a beautiful thing when you feel like all your previous life experiences have unconventionally been building you for this very moment, within this very career ... Nothing but utter DOPENESS! Extremely Thankful”

Joanna – 23 years old

Copywriter turned Even Better Copywriter

“It doesn’t feel like work, well it did at 3am”

Kelvin – 23 years old

Civil Engineering graduate turned Creative

“Advertising isn’t my background so I really did not know what to expect at first to be honest. However, the past 6 months have been amazing and I’ve for sure fallen in love with the craft! Every day has been different and a creative challenge. The people I’ve met at Ogilvy have also been incredibly talented and friendly. Basically, I can’t exactly summaries how much I’ve grown and learnt, but…it’s been sickkk”.

Joe Paul – 22 years old

Filmmaker turned Art Director

“It doesn’t make any sense to me that we have had the opportunity to do this. But we have. And the last six months have pushed, stretched and changed me way more than I could have imagined.”

Yolanta – 25 years old

Performer/Blogger turned Creative

“The Pipe was a great opportunity, one that I’m happy I got the chance to be a part of. I wasn’t looking for a job in advertising, it found me and I’m a big believer in destiny. it’s allowed me to be more confident off the stage, to work harder and learn new skills. I’m happy they took a risk on me”

Ben – 29 years old

Set Designer turned Creative

“Well for one I hated advertising before I started. Now I bloody love it. Mainly for the interesting people and the challenge that it is”

Jack – 26 years old

Artist/Film maker turned Art Director 

“after not really knowing what I wanted in life… now I know”

Iulia & Ioana – 27-26 years old

Creative Team turned more Creative

"An experience we'll never, ever forget." 

Kieron – 25 years old

Poet turned Planner

“I wasn’t sure whether advertising would be for me. I’m still here, so I guess it is! I’ve never been in a place where: six months felt like six days, but I like the pace. I like the people. I found my place!”

Joe – 23 years old

Designer turned Hybrid Creative

“The biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life, I feel like I’ve learnt more about myself as a person more than advertising”