In the latest Private View feature for Campaign, Kevin Chesters, Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy & Mather London, gives an entertaining insight into his thought process for assessing creative work.

Before launching into a review of ads from the Green Party, Bupa, Blu, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Integration, Chesters gave us an insight into his creative imagination, “I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s always a cranial Celebrity Deathmatch going on inside my head in creative reviews that I call ‘Planner vs Punter.’ The planner is the over thinker, the brief obsessive, the industry insider who often knows the account history. The punter is just the bloke from Penzance who asks "Do I like this?".

He continues, “I used to ask myself "What would my mum say about this idea?" but I found that people were increasingly put off by all the swearing. Thankfully, for the sake of making good work, the punter tends to win the battle inside my bald head almost every time. I say thankfully because, frankly, the main thing that matters about an idea is whether it is socially relevant: could it live beyond the attention bribes of paid-for media?”

You can read the full piece – including Kevin Chesters’ verdict on the ads here.