By Max Maclean - Junior Copywriter and Ran Stallard - Junior Art Director

We applied to talk at SXSW for two reasons:

1. We had an idea.

2. We wanted an all expenses paid trip to Austin.

If we’d realised this ‘all expenses paid’ trip would cost us 3 months of evenings and weekends, countless sleepless nights and an hour on stage in front of hundreds of people… we might have kept that idea to ourselves.

But we didn’t and, on March 11th, my partner Ran Stallard and myself, Max Maclean, will be in Austin presenting a talk entitled:

“Screw email! Why the clever comms are handwritten”


If you can’t make it to the talk, don’t worry, the video above will give you a taster of what we've got in store for the people of Texas.

Businesses and marketers now send 143.8 BILLION emails… per day.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to realise this is a tad excessive.

Ironically, the only people who don’t seem to realise this, are marketing 'experts.'

Businesses have become so over-invested in email marketing they’ve ruined our inboxes!


That’s why we’re presenting a counter narrative. A brand new (old old) marketing medium:

Handmade or hand written communications.

In our opinion, a handwritten letter is worth a thousand emails.

Who doesn’t love receiving a lumpy package with a wonky stamp?

That’s why handmade marketing has an average opening rate of over 99%.

Our presentation explains how and why this medium is so astonishingly powerful.


We’ll explore the past and psychology of handmade communications with a creative director and behavioural economics expert.

We’ll even predict the future with some of the UK’s most exciting young entrepreneurs.

With a little luck, we might even convince you to pick up a pen.

If you’re glad we didn’t keep that idea to ourselves, come and see us on 11th March at 12:30pm in the Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon H.