As David Ogilvy used to say, to be interesting you must be interested. With this in mind, Social@Ogilvy recently organised a Social Breakfast with the incredible team from LinkedIn, the business-focused social media platform that now has over 400 million members. The event gave our teams the opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding of how to engage with our peers and talent on this platform - and who better to hear it from than the people who run it. Here at Ogilvy, our curiosity is never-ending so we never stop learning.

LinkedIn has evolved over the last 5 years from connecting with peers, to connecting with companies, and is now a platform for providing quality influencer content, making it an integral part of any social campaign. Of all the information that crossed the breakfast table, the most important lesson learned is this: LinkedIn is designed to inspire its users, helping them to become more productive and more successful. 

So, make sure your content is useful to your readers if you want them to stay interested.