At our recent Ogilvy PR event, Keeping up with Kulture, we explored how the brands which are more aware and sensitive of consumer thoughts and conversation tend to produce the most compelling content.

The brand’s audience insights mean they can push out content that people choose to consume and share. The most impactful brands are ones that not only talk the talk, but also take real action.

They weave themselves into the fabric of real-time culture, ensuring their stories can go further, faster.

In partnership with the research organisation Toluna, OPR developed an online survey to test the effect of these brand action behaviours on people’s likelihood to recommend them. Our survey was completed by a nationally representative sample of over 1,000 UK adults and identified 5 brand action behaviours and how people respond.  













The outcomes confirm what our event panelists discussed.By practicing real action behaviours, brands succeed in being relevant. Taking a clear stance and expressing their beliefs become part of the wider conversation. They take actions that show they are Culturally Relevant.  

We would love to hear from you, if you would like to participate in our debate on what makes brands matter or to learn more about our approach.  

Please enjoy our initial findings and we look forward to continuing the conversation!