Coley Porter Bell's CEO, Vicky Bullen, spoke to Creativepool about trends for design in 2017.

When it comes to the world of design in 2017, Coley Porter Bell's CEO Vicky Bullen commented on the simplification of brand hero images in retail spaces.

Brand hero images have been getting more and more simple as the year has progressed. The downward spiral looks to continue apace in 2017.

This is a knock-on effect of an increasingly digital world, as consumers spend more time on their mobiles and their attention spans gradually diminish into micro-second impulses. 

Vicky explains: “One of the unexpected shifts in the retail space that’s caught our attention this year has been the sudden emergence of Amazon’s voice-controlled platform Alexa, on their new Echo device. We’re used to the shift from stores to screens, as more spend takes place on mobile. We can see the impact on design already, as brand hero images are simplified to stop thumbs rather than passing pedestrians. But when shoppers buy brands in conversation with their AI personal assistant, they’re stepping out of the visual realm entirely; and we’re particularly interested in how brand building must change as a result.”

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