Coley Porter Bell's CEO, Vicky Bullen, featured in The Drum discussing the importance of brands doing their bit to help with the refugee crisis.

"The crisis has caused debate the world over, and much of the tone of that debate has been unpleasant. Refugees are often seen as a drain; the discourse is selfish, xenophobic even, and primarily focussed on what refugees cost us and our society, rather than what these people can contribute.

However, I believe businesses can, and must, do something. Much like many businesses and brands did for the LGBT community this year – including Skittles, Lloyds Bank, Hilton Hotel, Channel 4 to name a few – their endorsement can make a statement and a real impact.

In the creative industry alone we have the problem solving skills to develop groundbreaking ideas, and we have access to partners, platforms and brands who, on the whole, want to do good. We can help shift perceptions. But I would also argue we need to do it to safeguard our future, because diversity in all its guises is critical to creativity.

Refugees bring difference, cultural richness, another point of view."

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