With the new year underway, we asked Ogilvy's Wellness experts what's in store for 2019. 

Ogilvy Wellness's Global Practice Leader Marion McDonald,  Chief Digital Officer Ritesh Patel and Global Knowledge Manager Stevie McCarthy filled us in on their predictions, from wellness wearables to telemedicine.

Every Brand is a Wellness Brand

Wellness isn’t just the absence of illness; it’s a way of thriving at any stage of life.

Have you noticed lately that your health insurance company is now your “wellness partner”? No longer the preserve of health, beauty and fitness companies, the desire for well-being is generating significant growth across new categories including travel, automotive, snacking, home furnishing, lighting, sound systems and more.

Wellness culture is both a huge opportunity and a disruptive force, and early movers are already hiring wellness leaders and re-orienting their brand values to reflect those of well-being conscious consumers. 

Wellness Wearables and Internet of Things

The rush of connecting things / devices will support the rise of clinical grade wearables from both start ups and established companies like Apple, Fitbit and Tencent. We will see an increasing connectedness and data collection for the benefit of both our wellness and better patient outcomes when we’re sick.


2018 saw most of the technical and legal / payment barriers for the provision of remote health care removed around the world. This facilitates the predicted explosion in remote care and care on demand from start ups like Babylon, established players like Ping An China and national health service providers (NHS in the UK announced their interest in Jan 2019).

This will enable a radical shift in the provision of care for ongoing health conditions and those in remote areas, as well as the productivity of health care professionals.

Empowered Patients

We will continue to see growth in the wearable and mobile app business, where patients increasingly want to manage their own health through mobile apps, wearables and connected devices.

This trend is commoditising healthcare, pulling back the medical curtain and empowering our patients. This democratisation of health information has had a tangible impact on patient health and will continue to do so in the future.


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