As 2016 draws to a close, we are turning our sights to the new year. We asked five of our experts from across the business what they think is in store for advertising in 2017.

Charlie Wilson, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at OgilvyOne

2017 and beyond will see us continue our march towards fully personalised, contextual advertising. Chat-bots will proliferate and social media will become the epicentre of communications as connected products, bots, brands and buddies all compete for our attention.

While we will continue to obsess with when and where we can engage with consumers, discovering ever more ingenious ways of interrupting in relevant ways, there will be a move back to the fundamental importance of what we say rather than just where we say it. And hence a gradual return to the “Big Idea’…it’s not just for Christmas you know!

So, brands with a purpose will be more important than ever. They will have something to say. They will be talked about and will ultimately leapfrog those without.

Oh, and Nils Leonard will be on the front page of Campaign.

(Ok, that last one was obvious.)

Mary Keane-Dawson, Managing Director at Neo@Ogilvy

It’s that time of year when we reach for our crystal balls and aim to predict something meaningful for our clients and our industry – so here goes with my 2017 Neo@Ogilvy predictions…….

Explosion of Influencer Marketing – 2017 will be the year when celebrity endorsement via all social platforms will become accountable, much more highly targeted and available to plan and buy programmatically. I think this will start to really take off in the US Q1, but will also gain traction from major blue chip brands in Asia and EMEA by Q3.

Paid Search and Social will become the new Integrated Powerhouse of Digital Performance – Brands are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of combining PPC and Paid Social and the massively improved results on e-commerce activity in particular. I predict this phenomena will grow in importance, taking budget away from traditional display and video.

MarTech will Grow in Dominance – clients will be managing more and more complexity, whilst also delivering increasing accountability. Automated content, analytics and the growth in Cognitive Computing, will see an ‘up-tasking’ in advertising and marketing disciplines, and an increasingly data driven approach to Customer Engagement. Studying for your Data Scientist Statistical Analysis Examinations might be a good way to spend your spare time in 2017…..

Happy New Year!

Kev Chesters, Chief Strategy Officer at Ogilvy & Mather London

Surely 2016 proved that predicting ANYTHING is the ultimate folly.

In fact, my most enjoyable hour in the last week was reviewing everyone’s predictions back in 2015 for 2016.

I genuinely can't tell you what's next for advertising in 2017. I’m not brave enough.

I can tell you what I hope is next, and what 20+ years of experience tells me will make brands and advertisers successful in 2017.

Let’s stop chasing emerging platforms and new technologies like a dog chasing every passing car.

The answer isn’t in the new thing; it is the right thing. Video never killed the radio star, Vine was supposed to save everything (or kill everything, I forget which) and it was over in what seemed like six seconds.

The successful brands and advertisers in 2017 will be the ones, like always, that concentrate on reaching people's hearts not heads. The ones that do socially relevant work that connects with people.

Let’s spend more of 2017 doing more of what feels right, not what the spreadsheet tells us.

And finally a tip for 2017, don’t listen to anyone who uses the word “programmatic” if they are unable to explain what it is in under thirty seconds.

Clare Donald, Chief Production Officer at Ogilvy & Mather London

As Chief Production Officer, when asked ‘what’s next for advertising’, it seems appropriate to consider what’s next for production. 

Perhaps more apt still, to consider where we’re going with in-house production.

I am not, of course suggesting the facilities that almost all agencies now offer are the next big thing.  We’ve seen the rise of agency origination and editing over a number of years.  They’re almost old news.

What I think is new for 2017 is a happier coexistence of agency offerings alongside the extraordinary skills of our 3rd party production experts.

There has been a fear that agencies would change the production world in very negative ways - poorer output from us and unfair competition for them.  We’ve been seen as an amatuer threat.

But the insatiable appetite for content - good content - isn’t going away.  I think that in 2017 agencies are going to better define what they can best provide for their clients, and do it well, whilst still valuing the relationships with external experts for jobs that fall outside our skillset.

My hope for production in 2017 is that there will be more collaboration and understanding between agencies and production companies about how great quality film-making need not be an exclusive domain.

Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather London

Next year I think we’ll start to see more and more work coming out that is better; that is thought provoking and socially relevant. Social relevance to me means creating ideas that can generate or join conversations bigger than the advertising. Ideas that get talked about in the street, that get you on the red sofa. It means being relevant to people and connecting with them about the things that matter.

Over the last several years’ creativity has been held back for various different reasons. We often see this happen in recession periods, but it’s starting to level out now. People will start to realise that there’s so much ordinary, samey ‘6’ kind of work, it’s time to do the sort of work that stands out and gets noticed. I really feel next year is an optimistic year, it’s all about optimism and work getting better and better.