As the year comes to an end, we asked the gang at O&M London what they think lies ahead for advertising in 2018. Here’s what they said:


Charlie Rudd, CEO at O&M London

The next big thing for advertising is the same big thing it's always been. But it never gets any easier. Ever better work. Work which engages, excites, gets shared and talked about. Work with social relevance. And advertisers need it more than ever. In a world of now almost infinite channels and opportunities, it's never been easier for our communications to disappear. So much work and so many brands are just passing their audiences by like ships in the night - regardless of the brilliant insights, thinking and targeting to try to find them. But great work will always be the one way to make sure that doesn't happen. 


Kevin Chesters, Chief Strategy Officer at O&M London

It depends on your definition of advertising, to be honest. I’ve seen many people in 2017 confuse the term with digital display banners. What's the future for those? Grim. However, if by advertising one means great engaging, socially-relevant creative work then the future has never been brighter. The unarguable data shows that television has never been a more commercially effective medium. Video in all its formats seems to be going from strength to strength. Great traditional work has been shown to be a perfect amplifier of great digital work. Good advertising will survive & thrive. As it always has. 


Clare Donald, Chief Production Officer at O&M London

Advertising should be socially relevant, and part of the wider conversation. So we should look at what the conversations in 2018 are likely to be. Well, it’s a pretty grim place right now - but I think that advertising will reflect this in more thoughtful work and ways of working. Whether that’s by leading industry initiatives around greener production (which Ogilvy does through its work with the IPA/APA), or working with brands around CSR projects, I see a considered year ahead. But when things are grim, we also need light. So I predict we’ll see more well-written rib-ticklers too. Ever hopeful...


Mick Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer at O&M London

The work. The work. The work. All roads lead to the work. And everything all of us do is in service of the work. So whatever platform, trend or tech impacts the industry in 2018 we need to make sure that it enables us to create ever more socially relevant work. Brands have never been under more pressure to cut through and connect on an emotional level with consumers on ever shortening time scales with challenged budgets. We need to continue to find ways to deliver brilliant, considered work. We’re on it!