There’s a lot to be gained from listening to the way other industries work and applying it to your own. This is exactly the premise of the ‘Learning from Outside Legal’ panel at The Briefing 5P Conference 2016.

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of sharing insights from Ogilvy’s way of working with an audience of legal sector professionals. With a key focus of the conference on progressing beyond traditional silos and working across business units, the collaborative model practiced at Ogilvy offers a lot of transferrable knowledge.

Matt Holt, Consulting Partner at OgilvyOne UK, took to the stage in East London as part of a panel of industry experts spanning advertising, technology and more.


Here are some of Matt’s top take-outs from the panel discussion:

* Transferrable insights:

The three of us on the panel were able to give a range of insights on how we pitch for work, how we organise our processes to build better work, and what we look for in our people.

* Hot topics:

We debated the topics of digital transformation and data.

* Key conclusions:

I also led a discussion on the attributes needed for any successful business people in the digital age. The conclusion? It's not just about a skill set. But a mindset. Having the flexibility not to just be able to cope with the constantly changing world we now live in, but also to thrive in it.

* The golden nugget:

Whilst we all came from different backgrounds, we all had one piece of advice in common for any business, legal or otherwise: Get as close as you can to your customer.


The insights shared will help to inform the legal industry’s processes, helping employees work together in a more inter-dependent way to deliver legal work, increase profits and retain clients.