By Philippa McClure, Senior Account Manager at Ogilvy Healthworld and member of Women@Ogilvy


At the start of 2017 I spoke about some of the inspiring women we’re lucky enough to work with here at Ogilvy. Women who are making great strides professionally and blazing trails for others to follow in and make their own mark.

This month, I have been inspired by a wider group of colleagues following the success of our clothing drive for Smart Works. It was amazing to see the donations flood in and interest the event generated; I hadn’t imagined that so many people would participate. I’m sure you all admired the donations piling up on L01 next to the reception desk too!

Smart Works is a charity that helps improve the lives of women across the country, supporting them in getting back into work. Often after many years without consistent employment. At a time when they are feeling at their lowest, Smart Works helps to raise them up again and get that crucial first foot back on the career ladder. At Ogilvy, we’re in a privileged position to be in an industry we enjoy, doing a job we love in a secure environment.  But this sadly isn’t the reality for some women.

So Women@Ogilvy decided to support Smart Works in helping women realise their dreams, to help them reach their potential. A clothes drive seemed like a simple way for Women@Ogilvy to get involved at the start of the year and show our support. Smart Works ensure their sponsors have work-appropriate clothing and support them throughout the interview process, to develop the confidence they need for job success. In 2016, over half of Smart Works’ sponsors secured a job, so we know our donations are going to a good place to help further a worthy cause.

January seems like a distant memory now, and so do our New Year’s Resolutions for that matter! Often we start the year with the best of intentions to improve our mental, physical and social well-being. Sometimes that is just too many plates to keep spinning! So a heartfelt thank you to all or those that spent time diving into the depths of their wardrobes, battling on the tube with bags full of donations. Every items provided will help a woman in need reach their potential.