By George Fenton, Learning & Development Coordinator at Ogilvy UK


Reduced risk of some diseases, healthier organs, more energy, clearer thinking - these are just some of the many health benefits of physical activity. Whether it's for your mind and body, or your social and emotional wellbeing, physical activity is good for us.

Working for Ogilvy UK I'm lucky enough to benefit from a work environment that encourages and supports physical activity. Whether it is yoga, netball or personal training sessions - if you're looking to increase your physical activity levels there's something for everyone. And if there isn't you can create it!

I started the Ogilvy Running Club in January 2016 after having a bit of an exploration around the south bank myself and realised that it is a perfect area to go for a lunchtime stretch. It’s super easy to lengthen or shorten your run depending on how you feel that day.

I’ve always been guilty of desk-lunching and not utilising my lunch hour effectively. Not taking a break actually makes productivity worse so using the running club to go out and get a bit of fresh air as well as a work out is perfect! I come back to my desk energised and ready to crack on with the afternoon.

Of course there are other options available too. My personal favourite alternative is the HIIT workouts that take place Thursday mornings up on the roof. It can be pretty tough but it sets you up great before the day even starts. Also the fact you get to work out while enjoying one of the best views in London can only be a plus.

So as you can see, there are heaps of ways to increase your workplace wellbeing at Ogilvy. The Happier Healthier Me team are always putting on new talks and events to increase our awareness around wellbeing and the importance of staying healthy at work.