Ryvita Thins was launched in 2008, effectively creating the flatbreads market. Although it is the market leader, competitors had entered the sector and own label brands had replicated the original design, leaving Thins struggling to stand out in-store as well as justifying a premium price. Our brief was to develop a revolutionary design that would stand out from the crowd and attract new and existing customers.


We implemented our proprietary Visual Planning™ tool to develop a new language for the brand. The new design breaks with category norms and reinstates the brand’s market leadership by creating a standout product that customers can easily find on the shelf.

The design keeps the same light-hearted and social brand essence, whilst keeping taste at the heart of the brand. We used a rich and vivid colour palette to reflect the brand’s ‘vibrant taste of life’. The new pack design also features beautiful photographic shots of the product, reinforcing that taste is at the core.