Ogilvy people, who drive the value we create for our clients, embody our agency values of Curiosity, Courage and Generosity. Helping us foster our pioneering spirit that inspires our teams, our work and our approach.

We are nothing without our people and their ideas, so we want to make their working lives are as beneficial to them as they are to us.

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Our agency community is one where creativity thrives, where the implausible is delivered, where ambitious people inspire each other and our curiosity is never-ending. We listen and learn from each other and encourage differences of opinion that make our thinking smarter. We are generous and open, supportive of one another and together are creating an enjoyable, rewarding place to be.

We are a company that embraces difference. That’s why diversity of thought and encouraging a mix of people from all backgrounds is something that’s very important to us. Ogilvy Pride, for example – our LGBT and straight ally network encourages employees to be individual and true to themselves. Through being an authentic individual in the workplace, employees can bring out the creativity in themselves.

We also think it’s essential that everyone is given a little encouragement to focus on themselves and those around them. Whether that’s through our Happier Healthier Me programme, which offers everyone at Ogilvy time off to concentrate on something important to their own wellbeing and happiness, or spending time giving back through Many Ogilvy Hands on their charity day.

And we like to encourage some good habits – Ogilvy Habits. Here’s some we hold dear that David Ogilvy our founder taught us and are still as true today.


Fear is a demon that devours the soul of an agency: it diminishes the quality of our imagination, it dulls our appetite for adventure, it sucks away our youth.


How great we become depends on the size of our dreams. Let’s dream humongous dreams, put on our overalls, go out there and build them.


An endless trail of ideas floats in the ether. You will only see them if you are curious. For a start, we have to ask stupid questions like a pesky 6-year-old.


All our art, all our science and all our philosophy have been invented by playful people, not serious people. 


We are a company of problem-solvers. Our job requires us to be brutally honest and totally dedicated to the truth.


All our finest thoughts and best ideas are not the work of the logical mind, but gifts from the unconscious.


Rule 1. There are no rules. Rule 2. Never forget rule one


Never give in. Never give in. Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never.

Sound like the sort of place you need to visit? Well do come and say hello.

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