#ReclaimYourLunchBreak, one of the ideas launched by our Talent Management team as part of their Happier Heathier Me Ogilvy5 campaign, was highlighted in this week's Stylist magazine.

Stylist included a picture of our 'I'm Out To Lunch' door hangers and described the signs as 'genius'!

Stylist's #ReclaimYourLunchBreak initiative was a response to research which shows that 54% of workers don't take a lunch break, between 12–2pm.

As well as Ogilvy, other companies who have joined in and encouraged their employees to reclaim their lunch breaks include LinkedIn, Selfridges, H&M and Ticketmaster.

Studies show that taking breaks, stepping away from your desk and getting some daylight and air for even 30 minutes each day increases productivity, decreases stress and helps overall wellbeing.