At Ogilvy, we pride ourselves on providing our people with a rich learning experience, regardless of level or department. We achieve this through offering a wide range of learning opportunities sourced from a mixture of internal excellence and partnerships with external companies.

Internally our learning catalogue includes topics such as behavioural psychology, presentation skills, how to win an argument, management and leadership programmes and upping your workplace wellbeing. Along with frequent thought leadership talks and events throughout the year, we aim to provide a competitive suite of learning and something for everyone.  Additionally external partnerships with bodies such as the IPA, NABS and access to an online learning platform ( also ensures that there is plenty of variety.

And then there’s Growfest, our annual in-house L&D festival, which is open to all Ogilvy employees. This year over 500 employees attended Growfest sessions in our Amphitheatre. The diversity of topics and accessibility meant that everyone attending could tailor their learning experience and get out of Growfest exactly what they wanted.