Jon Tapper is Ogilvy UK’s Head of Advertising.

After a short stint in PR, working on Levis and Ministry of Sound, Jon joined Ogilvy in 2001 as an Ogilvy Fellow working on the global and UK American Express account.

He has held senior roles at many of the UK’s best agencies, leading brands to creative and commercial success including the highly awarded Honda at W+K, The Observer relaunch for The Guardian, Pizza Hut, Nokia, The National Lottery at AMV and the Barclays Digital Eagles campaigns at BBH.

Jon joined Ogilvy again in 2016 to lead the Vodafone business and its brand revival through the Martin Freeman campaigns and the development of their new youth brand VOXI. He has also held the position of Head of Account Management before becoming Head of Advertising.

Jon would say that he is most proud of his work on Honda, Barclays and Vodafone but will also tell you he has yet to do his best work, still relishing the challenge of working with brands to realise their potential through transformational creative ideas.