American Express is a brand built on great service.


American Express is a brand built on great service. This is one of the cornerstones of the brand message which Ogilvy wanted to communicate through a new campaign. It is this dedication to service which enables their Cardmembers to get more out of the card and therefore more out of life. 

This makes Amex more than just a card. And this service makes their Cardmembers feel more than just a customer. But not everyone thinks it’s a card for them. We needed to make Amex relevant and compelling for modern needs and desires.  Thus making AmEx matter to its Cardmembers.

Every year – whether their cardmembers are at home or away – American Express provide a multitude of services to help them live the life they want to lead. Ogilvy developed the "Bug" campaign as a part of our ongoing mission to highlight these services.


The campaign itself focuses on the American Express commitment to ensuring that wherever you are in the world should you fall ill they will help you find a doctor that speaks your language. And this isn’t something we do once in a blue moon.

As the campaign highlighted the previous year we sorted over 12,000 medical cases for our Cardmembers.

The fully integrated campaign echoed the graphic and spirited style of our "Realise The Potential" campaign to deliver standout in the highly competitive and cluttered financial services sector.