A visual goods tracking solution.



Axis video surveillance products are used in large postal depots to track lost, broken and stolen parcels without anyone spending hours rewinding through video footage.

The agency was set the challenge to explain the benefits in terms of time and money to potential customers to create brand preference and increase sales among third-party logistics companies. Making Axis matter to its target audience by showcasing a service that can make life easier.


Working from the thought that ‘every package has a story’ we created personified packages where a smartly dressed man with a box for a head shows his emotions according to the journey he has had, e.g. a lost parcel looks sad.

The fun creative is accompanied by serious messages highlighting common problems such as customers blaming the wrong company for a lost parcel and what to do if that company is you. We also created local market toolkits advising how the creative should be used in different scenarios and locations.

 The advertisements send potential customers to a dedicated microsite which contains brochures and case studies showcasing the product benefits plus an animated film showing the technology in action at a 3rd party logistics company.