OgilvyOne’s campaign #LookingForYou for Battersea Cats & Dogs Home was a world first.


The objective of the campaign for OgilvyOne was to highlight Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s continued mission to rehome its dogs, using innovative technology to engage emotionally with passing shoppers. This strategy of bringing the organisation’s message to life for a wider audience was how OgilvyOne wanted to make Battersea Cats & Dogs Home matter to more people.

The idea involved using RFID technology and interconnected digital billboards to create a ‘stray’ dog that would follow our target audience around one of Europe’s biggest shopping centers.


Leaflets with wafer thin RFID tags embedded within them were handed out to shoppers, the RFID tags made them ‘discoverable’ by sensors around the shopping center, this then triggered Barley, an ex-Battersea dog, to appear on multiple interconnected digital screens as the target passed them.

Code was written to ensure that the correct video was served according to various factors; such as the direction the person was passing, if they’d passed it more than once and how many screens they’d passed. This was to create a truly tailored experience. The final video served pointed them back to their leaflet which drove to the – microsite and #LookingForYou Twitter feed, constantly updated with homeless dogs.

OgilvyOne’s campaign #LookingForYou for Battersea Cats & Dogs Home was a world first.

Our work won multilple awards including 3 Bronze at the Cannes Lions Festival and 5 Golds at the Creative OOH awards.