Our client Boehringer Ingelheim briefed Ogilvy Healthworld to create an engaging and exciting educational experience for their marketing teams at the internal, global launch in February 2015.  Our communication and creative solution blended augmented reality with an educational game. The objective was to test attendees’ uptake of information and reinforce brand messaging through an engaging experience that raised energy levels, got people on their feet and encouraged friendly competition among colleagues after 6 hours of presentations.

Inspired by the new campaign, ‘THE KNOWLEDGE TREE’ game invited attendees to search for virtual leaves around the conference room using their iPad. Once the leaves were caught, by tapping on the screen, attendees answered multiple choice, brand and product specific questions. The challenge was to answer as many questions as possible within 5-minutes.

The session was hugely successful for employee communication and the results exceeded the client’s expectation: overall 1751 questions were answered with 1389 questions answered correctly. The users spent 10.96 minutes engagement time on average - they were so enthusiastic that they continued to play it into their break time!