Whether you’re seven or 70, the summer months tend to bring a renewed joy and energy to everyone, but we know that this is particularly true among children.

Children have an average of 400 smiles daily, more than 20 times that of an average adult, so we want to remind everyone of what that feels like by showing the world summer through the eyes of a 7-year old, inviting the nation to rediscover the wonder and possibilities of summer as if they were children again, and showing how Boots can help enhance your summer.

The creative idea was developed around the playful, energetic, curious way children view the world and the summer season. Going back to a time when summer was filled with visits to new places, new tastes and smells, and diving into new experiences with excitement and curiosity. ‘Summer Like You’re 7’ harnesses this insight, reminding us all the joy of summer from a forgotten perspective. It has been proven that reminiscing about our childhood view of summer can lift our mood – heightening our natural tendencies to be more carefree during this time no matter how old we are.

The playful TVC is set to the track, the Bare Necessities, featuring Livvie, an energetic, cheeky, unstoppable 7-year-old determined to make the most of her free months. A true force of nature, the story follows Livvie, her family and her friends while they embark on new adventures in the summer of 2018.

The weaving together of her summer activities illustrates the way Boots products are always on hand for everyone’s summer needs throughout all aspects of life. The film captures moments of Livvie’s antics, from her dad chasing her around the garden with insect repellent spray, to her mum tending to a knee injury – both turning to Boots brand Repel spray and Boots Fabric Plasters. During the summer, we see her excitedly go to a wedding, intertwining the story between the women getting ready using No7 cosmetics and filling the air with L’Oréal Elnett Hairspray. The film even follows the family travelling to a beach for a holiday armed with Soltan Kids Protect Lotion, and even Boots Pink Glitter Heart Sunglasses!

The main 30 second TVC will be supported with an online 60” version and full integrated campaign across social media, print, digital, radio, PR, and influencer marketing.


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