Traditionally, beauty campaigns focus purely on aesthetics and appearance. However, contemporary beauty at its best celebrates differences and individuality.

So rather than shining a spotlight just on how products make people look, Boots wanted to shift the focus to how using these products makes people feel.

For the first time, Boots UK launched a beauty campaign – without faces taking centre stage. Created by Ogilvy UK, the TVC features real people to celebrate beauty in a completely different way.

The work is a celebration of how beauty touches so many different parts of our lives – whether it be dancing in a studio, getting ready for a night out or playing around in the outdoors with friends. 

The film’s scenes are briefly interjected with products including No7 Match Made foundations, Soap & Glory blush, and Maybelline lipsticks to name a few.

It’s only at the end of the spot, directed by Abbie Stephens, that the cast’s faces are revealed. The individuals featured include Michelle, a Boots No7 in-store advisor, influencer Em Ford, journalist/dancer and amputee Kat Hawkins and male vogue dancer Busola Peters. Some of those featured in the ad also star in short interview films across social media, discussing their personal relationship with beauty and what it signifies to them in their lives.

In addition to the film, Boots has collaborated with beauty and lifestyle influencer, Em Ford of My Pale Skin. Em Ford shone a light on unrealistic body image when she created a video about her experience of developing adult acne which generated over 27 million views. Boots UK is also partnering on social content with LADBible’s Pretty 52 – the first partnership of its kind to appear on the platform.