Boots Soltan research shows over half (51%) of parents choose a sun cream based only on its SPF rating to prevent sun burn, without realising the significance of the star rating that indicates protection against long term, permanent skin damage caused by UVA.

Furthermore, 55% of parents don’t even know what the UVA rating is despite previous education campaigns by brands, charities and the public sector.

In a bid to help parents understand the risk of exposing their family to UVA damage that is as permanent as a tattoo, Ogilvy UK and Boots Soltan have created a hard-hitting campaign which aims to deliver the message in a very simple, yet impactful way.

The campaign marks the first major marketing activity from Boots Soltan, the UK’s No1 5* UVA protection suncare brand, in 14 years. 

The series of images depict various children enjoying the sun, seemingly unaware of the tattooed “sun damage for life” message on their face or chest.

The creative work will be seen across social, digital, OOH and in Boots stores nationwide.

To raise awareness of the long-term effects of UVA damage, Boots Soltan also staged a provocative and informative exhibition open to the general public, at White Space Gallery in London’s Leicester Square on Friday 23rd March 2018.