OgilvyOne’s Outdoor campaign ‘Magic of Flying’ for British Airways aimed to remind people how magical flying can be.

The ads were located on digital billboards in Chiswick and Piccadilly and interacted with aircraft in the sky thanks to custom-built surveillance technology.

The system tracked the aircraft and interrupted the digital display just as it passed over the sites, revealing the image of a child pointing at the plane, accompanied by its flight number and the destination it was arriving from.

The campaign saw over 43,300 unique visits to the ba.com/lookup page and over £750k media savings were gained from the new trading model of buying on a ‘pay per play’ basis.

There were 1,360,000 video views (& still counting), 45M earned social impressions, over 364 articles published and featured in news in 118 countries around the world. The #lookup hashtag trended online and was used over 3,400 times.

The campaign has been awarded a grand total of 60 times including scooping the top prize of the Grand Prix at the Clios, Cannes Lions Festival, LIAs, COOH Awards and the Clear Channel Planning Awards.