Tasked with promoting the unique relationship British Airways has, and has always had with the Caribbean. Serving more islands than any other carrier across this fiercely contested region, British Airways has connected holiday-goers to authentic Caribbean experiences for over 60 years. Our brief was to drive consideration for British Airways to grow their market share.

Leveraging the heritage British Airways hold with the Caribbean, our strategy was to show how we know the region better than any of our competitors. Working in collaboration with local Tourist Boards, we promoted the unique offerings of eight Caribbean islands, as well as the region as a whole.

Demonstrate how British Airways is the only carrier to have this history and the know-how to transport people’s imaginations to the authentic Caribbean. Through using rich, evocative descriptions of the islands with striking, bold visuals and audio across multiple channels, we presented a totally new perspective on the region.

Brand tracking results not only reported a 22% increase in the number of flyers considering a BA Caribbean holiday, but 28% of our flyers claimed they were considering booking a holiday with BA generally. In addition, the campaign generated an incredible increase in bookings for islands like Tobago (up 52%).