Call It Spring needed to change perceptions from being ‘just another shoe merchant’, to being an authentic and playful brand that young people can relate to.

Born in 1991, Call It Spring itself is a millennial, but it was failing to communicate with people of a similar age. It needed to define its purpose and create a clear brand story with emotion at its heart.

Aimed at Millennials and Gen Z, it needed to resonate and connect to existing customers, raise brand awareness and recruit new people to the brand.

Following a Visual PlanningTM session with the brand’s key stakeholders, Coley Porter Bell developed the brand platform of ‘Better Together’; we better and stronger when we’re with our friends, and millennials love to share. Coley Porter Bell then worked collaboratively with the client to bring the refined brand story to life.

As the ampersand is globally understood as a connector between two things, Coley Porter Bell crafted a new graphic icon that can be used to creatively express both a functional and emotional brand proposition across the whole customer journey. The new icon is used alongside emotive photography to create lifestyle stories that young people can relate to, for example ‘Day & Night’, ‘Out & About’, ‘Me & You’.

The brand platform and identity informs everything, from physical to digital, from experiential to brand in the hand – expressing the idea of ‘Better Together’ throughout the brand’s world.

Coley Porter Bell built a flexible brand that can now inspire meaningful connections all around the world. The new branding launched across North America and Canada in Summer 2018.