OglivyOne and #OglivyChange tackle pickpocketing.


OglivyOne and #OglivyChange were tasked with tackling pickpocketing for Crimestoppers, and making the organization matter to the wider community.

Posters about pickpocketing tend to make the problem worse as they cause us to subconsciously reveal the location of our valuables to thieves loitering nearby.


So Crimestoppers conducted a leafleting campaign, ‘Putpockets’, in 2 major UK cities instead. But rather than putting the leaflets into people’s hands, they were put directly into people’s pockets and bags. Each was designed to look like something of value and carried the message ‘If someone can get this into your bag, they can get it out.’ A URL led to a website where people could learn about the methods used to slip the leaflets into their bags.

Over 93% of people who found a leaflet visited the website. On average they spent 3.32 minutes viewing the online content. Within 4 hours of the campaign appearing on Sky News, Kent Police had contacted Crimestoppers about launching the activity in Dover. The low cost pilot also generated £7.5 million of free PR.