Recent research from the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report revealed that the pressure to be beautiful is higher than ever before. 6 in 10 women and girls agree that in today’s society it’s critical to meet specific beauty norms. And 1 in 2 women feel social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way.

We live in a world where peer pressure is king.

For the past 60 years, the Dove brand has championed a broader definition of beauty. Through everything that it does, Dove works to help women realise that every woman’s version of beauty is different, and these differences are there to be celebrated.

The brand’s message made physical.

For the first time ever, Dove takes its message of real beauty through to the product itself. Rather than having a uniform size and shape of bottle for their iconic Body Wash, Dove has created a range of bottles in different shapes and sizes. The Real Beauty Bottles (all containing Body Wash) were specially designed to represent the diversity of beauty. Each of the 6 new bottle designs shows a different combination of size, curves and edges which creates a range of unique and beautiful shapes.

“The Real Beauty Bottles is one of those rare ideas which condenses decades of a brand’s legacy in 2 seconds", said Andre (Dede) Laurentino, Global ECD for Unilever, Ogilvy UK. "It’s deceivingly simple and quite nuanced: a message about our body conveyed by Dove bottles themselves, it cares for the physical and the emotional, and it brings brand essence and product design seamlessly together.”