Driving passenger numbers and raising destination awareness.

As a cable car across the Thames, the Emirates Air Line was seen as just another part of the TFL network. Our challenge was to drive passenger numbers and raise awareness of the other global destinations Emirates flies to. Our solution was to reinvent the Emirates Air Line as a destination in itself, rather than just a way to cross the river.

Every year millions of visitors see London’s ever-changing landscape from their own unique perspective. How do you capture and collate all these individual viewpoints for everyone to appreciate? And how do you make an underused part of the transport network the place to do it? Using digital, social and innovative experiential, the Emirates Air Line was turned into an interactive hub to explore the sights and sounds of the city, while suspended high above the Thames. We encouraged those experiencing it to share their experience (and the spectacular views over London), in turn driving more visitors.

Since re-launch, visitor numbers have increased significantly, making the Emirates Air Line the #15 most visited attraction in London – especially impressive since nine of those visited by more people are free of charge, unlike the Air Line.