EY is best known for its core services of assurance and tax. But it also operates across a more diverse range of digital and consultancy services, including AI and robotics.

Our task was to broaden consideration of EY services – particularly their capabilities in digital transformation.

To achieve this, we needed to create a brand experience that would stop busy C-Suite travellers in their tracks, while positioning EY at the forefront of digital innovation.

The solution? Robots

We set up an attention-grabbing screen in Frankfurt Airport. Motion-detecting technology installed to an existing digital out-of-home site captured up to five passengers walking past at a time, with a provocative question displayed: How do you ensure you’re automating intelligently? On screen, captured people appeared as robots – and those robots mimicked their every move.

The results were fantastic. Over 57,000 passengers engaged with our robots for at least 5 seconds (68%), including 7,500 C-suite professionals and 13,500 other business travellers.

A survey of C-suite business travellers in Frankfurt airport proved the campaign changed perceptions of EY, showing that there’s so much more to the brand than its core services. 62% of the C-suite audience thought EY were experts in new technology and 56% said they were more interested in what EY are doing as a result of the experience.

Following from the success of the campaign, it has been rolled out to other airports across the globe, including Hong Kong and New York. They also made a star appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos.