FremantleMedia, best known for family-friendly shows such as Pop Idol, had developed a new reality TV show – ‘Get The F*ck Out of My House’ (GTFOOMH) – 100 people crammed into an ordinary 2-bedroom suburban house with the promise of €100,000 prize fund for the winner that stayed the course. Coley Porter Bell was tasked with developing the positioning, personality, tone of voice and visual identity for the show. Appealing to millennial viewers, the branding needed to communicate it as a ‘class act’ versus competitors such as Big Brother.

Visual Planning was used to define a distinctive brand proposition that placed GTFOOMH into a chaotic, provocative and subversive space: ‘come revel in the chaos of the human zoo’. Every aspect of the visual identity and tone of voice is designed to provoke and to jar with expectations for example there is clear dissonance between the traditional crossed-stitch embroidery which has associations of ‘Home Sweet Home’ and the forthright name of the show.

The show has been a resounding success – launched at the Cannes Palais in October 2016, it smashed its viewing figures when it aired in the Netherlands and has subsequently been commissioned for Australia. 

View the opening credits video here.