We live in a world where looks are everything, from images on social media to the selfies we take. Imagine what it would be like to live with a skin condition you can’t control – when you blush and the redness doesn’t fade, you permanently wear your heart on your face – this is the reality for millions of people living with rosacea.

In a society where attractiveness positively relates to future success and happiness, it is not surprising that rosacea sufferers living with conspicuous symptoms often experience self-consciousness and lowered self-esteem. Many are unaware that they even have a skin condition.

Galderma challenged us to create a visually eye-catching and informative programme, to stand out in a crowded world of cosmetics and skincare brands, and reach facial redness sufferers to dispel misunderstandings around rosacea, recognise the medical cause and motivate individuals to seek professional advice.

Expectations were high – the programme would create a benchmark for Galderma as the first disease awareness campaign globally driven and locally implemented across multiple markets and continents.

The Face Values: Global Perceptions Survey validated insights on emotional and psychological impact with 7000 responders confirming how the subconscious reactions of others negatively impact sufferers in their daily lives

A strong visual identity for the website adapted in 21 markets took facial redness sufferers on a journey helping to address the barriers to seeking out professional advice.

17 ambassadors including Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon, engaged to provide credibility, supporting messages on a global and local scale. Tapping into their wider network of followers / members they further disseminated information and resources.

Act on Red was launched at a high profile media event, to introduce key media from across Europe to the programme and setting the platform for national rollout.

Extensive media activities further supported key activities and drove visitors to the website, increasing exposure to the programme and website tools

Ogilvy Healthworld supported Galderma to inform across 21 markets over 3 million website visitors and over 420 million readers about solutions to living with facial redness associated with rosacea.