Despite being the UK’s number one snack brand among families, Hula Hoop’s core brand was in decline and had become just one choice amongst a broader repertoire of snacking options. Coley Porter Bell was briefed to reassert the Hula Hoops master brand once more and to inject a greater sense of fun and taste appeal into the pack design, reminding consumers why they love the brand. Having recently launched ‘Puft’ and ‘Golden Hoops’ sub-brands (also designed by Coley Porter Bell), we had to make sure the core design followed their product-centric pack architecture and positioned core at the head of the family.


In response to the brief we looked to the USP of the product – the hoops themselves which are inherently playful and offer a bit of harmless fun to break the mundanity of the day. With the branding as an important anchor point at the heart of the pack (mirroring the design we’d created for Hula Hoop’s sub brands), we dialled up the fun-factor by creating dynamic new hoops which rotate around the marque and injected taste-appeal by showing the product. In addition, we removed any non-essential effects to convey the product story in a simple and powerful way increasing brand stand-out and confidence.