Trade shows have resisted disruption ever since someone carpeted an exhibition hall and invented the pop-up display stand. As a forum for marketing B2B products, very little has changed about them for decades. However, Inmarsat Aviation saw trade shows as a key opportunity to disrupt the status quo and enlighten its target audience.

Despite being responsible for buying inflight wi-fi, airline decision-makers found it hard to understand the benefits. With competitors heavily promoting technical product features, airline customers didn’t believe the hype about passenger connectivity. Inmarsat wanted to change the conversation, and show, not tell, how the product creates value for airlines.

The challenge was to develop an innovative experience to engage hard-to-reach decision-makers with Inmarsat Aviation’s new vision of the aviation connectivity opportunity.

Research told us airlines craved illustrations of tangible benefits. We decided to address audience confusion creatively, showcasing our thought leadership on product applications and benefits. We developed an experiential installation at key trade shows that fired the audience’s imagination by showing a multitude of near-future use cases for inflight broadband.

‘Connected Air’, staged the connected airline of the future. Using augmented reality and interactive videos triggered by amazing 3D shapes, we drew significant attention and stand-out.

The Connected Air Experience dramatically improved customer understanding and created sales conversations as a result. 50% of our global target decision maker audience interacted with the experience, generating hundreds of new leads.