Airlines were struggling to define business cases to invest in inflight connectivity (IFC), which has large upfront costs. For airlines, the maths didn’t appear to add up – but they were missing key parts of the equation. More cutting-edge types of IFC-based revenue generation, like ecommerce commission and digital advertising sales, were poorly understood.

No clear business case meant that airlines were dragging their feet and delaying adoption of IFC, reducing the overall addressable market. With a need to grow revenue YOY, and maximise market share in a highly competitive category, IA needed to change the global conversation about IFC – increasing demand by shifting industry perceptions about the product. From seeing IFC as an expense to seeing it as a creator of new revenue streams.

In a game-changing partnership with the London School of Economics, we developed a global thought leadership platform, ‘Sky High Economics’, that put a hard figure on the benefit of inflight broadband, enlightening the industry about the economic opportunities of the product.

The credibility of the LSE brand, and the astonishing impact of the research findings, facilitated not only significant media pick-up and amplification for the launch (engaging millions within the industry), but also generated leads.

Media activation, multi-layered content, social media distribution and sales enablement delivered a though-the-line campaign which has been credited with changing the sector forever.