Jordans is the UK’s biggest selling granola but with new entrants crowding the market it was essential to reclaim its brand leadership. The brand’s core target are straightforward, down to earth, healthy eaters who want good, honest food. They don’t want to feel they are being ‘marketed to’.

Coley Porter Bell was tasked with reclaiming the soul of Jordans and bringing to life the brand essence of being no-nonsense.

Visual Planning was used to bring the brand positioning and personality to life: it is raw, real and straightforward. Natural, of course, but not in a generic, clichéd or worthy way.


The outputs inspired the new pack design which features an updated version of the famous Jordans’ mill – a mark of quality assurance. A larger window allows consumers to see the delicious ingredients and showcases the pride and confidence the brand has in its product. There is an honesty in the way the food and ingredient photography is presented, which combined with a textured background, helps convey the brand’s down-to-earth personality. 

Elliot Harris, Senior Brand Manager at Jordans commented:“The cereal and breakfast market is becoming increasingly crowded so we needed to take action to re-establish Jordans as a market leader in the wholesome sector. We are honest about the product and ingredients and want this to be reflected in the design. Coley Porter Bell has done a fantastic job of achieving this whilst conveying the classic Jordans feel throughout each flavour’s specific design.”