In a competitive marketplace where many others focus on speed and being ‘the first do 5G’, Nokia’s decision not to join the race left some CSPs with the impression that Nokia wasn’t ready for 5G.

We wanted to combat this myth by demonstrating that Nokia was the trusted partner that could offer CSPs the most robust path to 5G.

A unique approach

We commissioned Eiko Ojala, an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer, to create a series of images, each communicating the depth and dimensions of the 5G world.

Each illustration supported one of the key messages from our messaging house: ‘Deliver the Extraordinary’, ‘Strong First Steps’, ‘Significant Business Opportunity’ and ‘Seamless End-to-End Journey’. We also created an illustration to promote Nokia’s Future X platform.

The launch was scheduled around Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February 2019, an event where 5G was bound to be a hot topic. As our audience was very targeted, our campaign primarily ran on paid social (LinkedIn and Twitter) and owned channels, but this was supported by an influencer programme run by Nokia.

Nokia loved it. “When Ogilvy presented the paper art style to us, we knew they had found the perfect way to bring our 5G story to life… teams are requesting to use them within other campaigns, executive presentations, regional events and even office décor!” 5G Marketing Manager, Nokia

And it generated a lot of awareness: it achieved over 55% decision maker audience reach through 172,000+ visits to our landing page, 1200+ 5G report downloads, and 915,000+ social impressions, beating all previous Nokia paid media benchmarks.