Purina’s Bakers are committed to bringing dogs and owners closer together. In a saturated dog food market, we made Purina’s Bakers matter by giving dogs the opportunity to shop with their owners – via new contactless payment technology.

After discovering the ID chips in dogs, required by UK law, possessed the same technology as contactless payments, we saw an opportunity to transform the everyday activity of shopping into a treat for owners and dogs and bring them even closer together – Introducing DogPay!


For one special day, the team set up a prototype DogPay system in an Essex pet store for owners to test the technology and let their dogs make the most of their new pocket money.

A Bluetooth-enabled RFID scanner allowed connection to a payment system for processing of purchases. The physical technology was accompanied by a cloud-based system, linking each dog’s unique ID to a pre-paid account which could be managed online by owners.

A short film captures dogs roaming the aisles for collars, toys and treats before a simple scan from the cashier takes payment. The prototype worked perfectly on the day but it was just for fun so don’t try getting your dog to pay for your next big shop. At least not yet…

Find out more about the campaign here.