In an increasingly competitive category that had become somewhat commoditised, Sharwood’s tasked Coley Porter Bell with helping to bring its brand proposition to life, giving it greater shelf presence and a flexible brand architecture that could accommodate the full 174 SKU range and future NPD whilst helping shoppers easily navigate the fixture. In essence, we had to create a design to attract younger, more image-conscious consumers to embark on a culinary and sensorial journey with Sharwood’s.


We discovered that our target audience seeks out fashionable brands that match their sociable, energetic and ‘stylish’ personalities. Yet, the category offered little in the way of excitement and enjoyment. Through Visual Planning™ we identified an evocative and more gratifying brand space that felt like a feast for the senses and we developed the idea: ‘And so the adventure begins…’ Our new design uses vibrant colours and free brushstrokes combined with a handwritten font to bring a sense of adventure, modernity and shelf impact to the range. A rich palette creates a world of colour and sensation, enhancing taste appeal and helping navigation. Symbols associated with different regions of the world were used to provide authenticity and provenance.